Resident Innovations

Our students have been the leaders behind some of our most successful initiatives, including College solar panels, a student-run College Cafe, and impactful volunteer organisations like Teach Learn Grow.

College Leadership

St George’s offers a range of leadership opportunities to students. We have Resident Advisers who are crucial in supporting residents' safety and well-being, as well as Executive, Committee and Manager roles which involve leading the student body and organising and running events.


St George's residents take part in dozens of charity and community events around Perth, such as cooking for Ronald McDonald House, contributing to the annual St George's Spring Fair, and participating in the Cancer Council Relay for Life.

Postgraduate Opportunities

If you're a postgraduate student, we're sure that you'll have a lot to contribute to our community. Many of our postgraduates take on tutor and supervisory positions or share their experiences at Fireside Chats.

International Opportunities

Our international students can run weekly language classes and share their culture at international events. We also provide English as a Second Language support via conversation and writing classes.


True Blue Dreaming

One of our previous residents established True Blue Dreaming, a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting and strengthening young lives in rural, remote communities via student mentoring programs.