St George's College welcomes many students from overseas to live and study for their entire degree. They choose to stay at college for a full university experience, to immerse themselves in the college culture and to make friends with Australians and others from all over the world.  

We also welcome many students from overseas to live and study for short Study Abroad periods. The College benefits from the diversity and cultural experiences provided by the inclusion of international students into our college life.

Below, you can meet some of our current international residents and read about their experiences at St George's.

Weibo Page

Weibo Page

Aurélie (France): On Exchange

"Coming to Australia for the first time and staying at St George's was an amazing experience. It was really enriching and I made true friends from all over the world. Community is enhanced at St George's College, so you never feel alone and always find someone to speak to and party with. This is perfect for making friends and improving your English quickly. Furthermore, it's not only a great place to have fun, it is also a place that encourages academic pursuits thanks to study rooms and tutorials. There are numerous events throughout the year including parties or more formal events such as fire side chats and formal dinners that introduce you to a different topic each time thanks to amazing speakers. I really enjoyed College with its activities and facilities; perfect for studying, practising music and more importantly making friends and having fun!"

Kenji (Mauritius): Undergraduate UWA

"Choosing St. George's  amongst all the other colleges has been one of the best decisions of my life. Coming straight from Mauritius, I did not know what to expect from the Georgian experience. After living here for 3 years, the best aspect of this place is its community. Everyone knows each other and we help and support one another, in fact, in just two years I have made some of my best friends and have formed friendships with people from all over the world. If I were to go back in time, I would definitely change some of my studying habits but would always choose St. George's College as my second home."

Fabian (UK): On Exchange

"St George’s is a great place to get involved in sports. During my time here I have played basketball and futsal on college teams, and learned to kick an AFL footy ball on the front lawn. Unlike other colleges, the community at George’s is close-knit with international and local students socialising together. I have had the pleasure of meeting people from all around the world, whilst at the same time making some close friends from Western Australia – who I will definitely be visiting in the coming years."

Alessio (UK/ Mauritius): Undergraduate UWA

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at St. George's thus far. Not only are the facilities great, but my fellow college residents were very welcoming and we all form a close community that truly makes you feel like you're joining a family. This was particularly reassuring for me because I was coming into a new country not knowing may people. Another reason why I enjoy living at St. George's is because the staff are very open and willing to help with any concerns one might have. For international students thinking about joining St. George's, I highly recommend it! You'll have a sense of belonging and above all else, a lot of fun!"

Paula (USA): On Exchange

"Coming to UWA on exchange from America, I had no chance to look at any residential colleges before having to choose one. All I could really do was ask around the people I knew from UWA for their recommendations. The only answer I ever got was “St George’s is great, all my friends loved St George's!” Naturally, I applied to live at St George's, and have not been disappointed since. I am able to use my free gym membership just across the street where I have made a whole community of friends, and take part in unique events St George's has to offer like fireside chats or formal dinners. The staff have also made this place as accommodating as possible for all the needs I have, including my dietary requirements and busy schedule. I will miss St George’s, and the sense of community it offers unlike any other residential college at UWA!"