Professor Barry Ninham AO (1953) Awarded the Matthew Flinders Medal

Congratulations to Professor Barry Ninham AO (1953), who has been awarded the Matthew Flinders Medal by the Australian Academy of Science for his work in the physical sciences, including technological innovations for the developing world.

The Matthew Flinders Medal, named after one of Australia’s early scientific researchers, is presented every two years to Australia’s most influential and inspiring scientists working in the physical sciences.

Professor Ninham is the world’s leading researcher in colloid and surface science, an interdisciplinary science where the physical, chemical and biological sciences meet. Among pioneering contributions to the natural sciences, his best known work is that in the self-assembly of biological molecules and in the theory of molecular forces.

Professor Ninham and his team have developed world first technologies for desalination and to clean recycled water of bacteria, viruses, drugs, and other impurities such as arsenic and nuclear waste. Compared to current technologies the new methods are much simpler and substantially cheaper.

More information can be found here and here.