En Plein Air exhibition

Friday 21st June-Sunday 30th June: En Plein Air exhibition, featuring paintings by Harald Vike and Frank Norton. Curated by Georgian Michael Knight (1989), Harald Vike and Frank Norton works will be for sale from the collection of the CY O'Connor ERADE Village Foundation.

The CY O'Connor ERADE Village Foundation was started up by Roger Dawkins (1959), raising money for carrying out genetic research. Early work included AIDS research but nowadays most of the research is to do with agriculture, specifically beef cattle. Since its establishment, people have donated art to support the Foundation. Ben Dawkins (1989) now works for the Foundation and is in charge of liquidating some of the assets.

More information can be found here: http://www.earlywork.gallery/harald-vike-frank-norton-21-30-june-2019/