Social Events

It's important to balance work with fun, and our College calendar is packed with a huge range of social events. For example:

  • Regular games and movie nights
  • Weekly clubs such as Art Club and Book Club
  • Year group and floor group events
  • Whiskey, beer, cheese and chocolate tastings
  • 'Night at the Museum' cocktail evenings and museum tours
  • International food and culture nights
  • Most importantly, communal Game of Thrones viewings


Yes, there are parties. Whether you're costuming-up for a theme, going out for some cocktails, staying in for some cocktails, winning a quiz night, role-playing a murder mystery, cheering at Battle of the Bands or the Melbourne Cup, or beating the entire College at Mario Kart, we'll make sure you have a fun, safe and inclusive time.

The Ball

One of our annual highlights is the St George's College Ball. In previous years the College Quadrangle has been transformed into a beautiful Japanese scene, an Arabian night and a Spanish sunset. The only question remaining is what will this year be like?