We're here to help!

Your success is our number-one priority. Whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate, local or international student, we have the systems in place to make sure you can do well at university and at college (while also having a great time!)


A Dedicated Student Care Centre

Residents have access to a range of support and services. Our Student Care Centre is a place our residents can come to for information, advice, a sympathetic ear or just a quiet place to take a breather.  It is a welcoming space where everyone will feel safe and comfortable. It has couches and cushions, cosy lighting, facilities for making cups of tea, coffee or hot chocolate, and a phone if you need to make calls.  The Dean of Residents, whose job it is to oversee residents’ pastoral care, is right next door should you need assistance with anything from personal issues, academic concerns or help navigating the ins and outs of faculty and university administration.

An Extensive Academic Tutorial Program

The College fosters academic excellence through a range of academic programs. This includes free academic tutorials for most units that are run by our resident tutors and senior students who have previously completed these units. Tutors can therefore provide you with specific tools required to help you excel in your subjects. Tutorials are also a great way to collaborate with peers in your units. We additionally have dedicated tutors available to provide assignment feedback and run general study skills workshops.


The Best Ratio of Residential Advisers at UWA

Resident Advisers (RAs) are senior students who have been trained to provide help and support for residents. Some of the training RAs receive includes Senior and Mental Health First Aid Training, Fire Safety Training and pastoral care training. RAs are here to provide our residents with help and advice regarding university or life in general.  At St George's College, we have the best ratio of RAs to residents of any College, with one RA to every fifteen residents - this means our residents receive a higher level of care and support, ensuring that you'll always have someone to talk to whenever you need help or advice. RAs meet regularly and organise activities for residents, which also helps grow and strengthen our community and its members.